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My name is Dr Aki Lalani.

I believe in Magik and miracles and the power of love!

I didn't always.

Previously a front-line British Army doctor, I had a deep disconnect with the belief system that I hold now. It took a series of catastrophic life events to eventually agree to a Reiki treatment. Life began to change from there. 

I have now given up traditional medical practice and can best describe my work as being a Meta-physician. This is some who has learnt to influence the energy construct behind the medical condition, thus leaving space for profound changes in physical, emotional and mental health. 

My journey began with Usui Reiki, but like a lot of people I found that the philosophy of Reiki left more unanswered than it illuminated. I studied Karuna, Lightarian, Sekhem, Kundalini and Angelic Reiki looking for more answers. I looked to religions, to Shamanism, to Sound healing, Crystal healing, Plant medicines, Wicca, Tarot cards, Meditation and Yoga. Each modality brought me back to my centre and I eventually realised that this was the goal of any practice. Self realisation....the journey to fulfilling one's own INFINITE potential.

This has become my passion- connecting people; their body, mind and spirit with their own Higher wisdom. Self-empowerment! I am grateful for this opportunity to show you what you already are.

Underwater Dive

"You do not learn Wisdom and Love, you only encounter a catalyst to help you remember it.

For it is all already within YOU "

Ancient Kahuna Wisdom




There are many philosophies around Ascension. For me, it is a process of becoming a truer, more authentic version of yourself, dealing with all your ego wounds and releasing the sense of separation from your own Soul and the Divine. 

We all have Ascension templates within us. However when we get stuck in the ego experience we can become disconnected from these parts of us.

Activation is the process of clearance of the lower parts and making space for a whole, healed and connected expression of ourselves. We can move from an individuated consciousness to a more collective experience. This is a powerful process and will positively affect all aspects of your life.

These session are also suitable for people looking for advanced spiritual healing such as curse removal, depossession, ancestral clearance, auric field repair, space clearance  etc. Please ask for more details.



What is your life path? What should I do next? I'm stuck. I have all these pieces, I don't know what to do with them.

This spiritual life coaching is a two-fold service. Firstly, using intuitive guidance and tarot/oracle cards, we will look at the information trying to reach you from your own Soul guidance. This is not a prediction service; the focus is on moving forward and the information you need to attain this in the highest timeline.

Secondly, we will do some healing work together looking at energetic patterns, belief systems and mindsets that may be holding you back. I will also give you some tools to take away to help your plans come to fruition.

I also work with other healers, helping them bring out their own natural talents and offer business coaching advice.

As a father to a gifted and highly aware child, I am happy to offer support to parents in similar situations and also with the child directly.



Any traumatic incident leaves an imprint in your energy field. Repetitive trauma can take you deep into the victim state that is difficult to recover from without help. We will work together to help you move forward from events and leave them in the past where they belong.

The Shamanic model of trauma teaches of loosing parts of our essence in trauma- translating to English expressions such as "soul destroying" and "heart breaking". Working with a number of tools, we can bring back lost elements and create a wholeness and a sense of completion.

Patterns of trauma such as repeated heart break can run in ancestral patterns. Akashic record work can be used to release old karmic patterns that have been passed through generations.

Having personally used this work to fully recover from war related PTSD, I can vouch for its effectiveness. 

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Any medical illness is made worse by stress. Our work together will focus on reducing stress, looking at holistic tools to increase vitality and wellbeing. Using the energetic models of health, we will also look at the underlying energetic pattern involved. For example, thyroid conditions are governed by disfunction in the throat chakra such as not speaking your truth.

Energy bodies store purer versions of our genetic sequences. Some call this the Divine Blueprint or Adam Kadmon body. Work can be undertaken to help you link up to this higher expression of you. 

Cutting edge medicine shows that our subconscious mind actually affects gene expression, so dealing with underlying emotional beliefs will affect your physical health.

Other research has also shown that emotions are stored in water. Given that the body is largely made up of water, focusing on releasing these toxic emotions will have almost immediate vitality benefits as well as longer term ones. 

I undertake work on sick relatives who are unable to ask for themselves. Please ask for more details.



The secret to more abundance is not working harder, but being open to receive more. Your energetic heart space and mindset determine success. If you are afraid of spending, you won't create the flow needed to receive. If you are stuck in a survival mindset, you can't simultaneously be in an abundance mindset.

This service is aimed at people looking to increase the flow of good things into their life. Remember the belief of being everything you wish to be already. We will work together to remove anything blocking you from the abundance flow that you desire.

The flow of one's creative energy is also tied in part to their kundalini. We can work to help safely increase the flow of your kundalini using healing and breathing techniques to help restore lost creative flow.

Everything contains energy, including land and buildings. Imagine that your company operates in a building where lots of businesses have failed. That imprint will affect your company. Therefore the work that we do will including optimising the energetic space in which you work.

This work can be undertaken as a one off session or as part of a wider aim of aligning your business with your soul plan.

Architectural Design


Twin Flames. Soul Mates. Fated Partnerships.

This service helps you heal from past relationships, outdated and unhealthy patterns of love, co-dependancy and fear of real intimacy. 

These sessions are a mixture of tarot card readings for clarity and information, as well as healing work around the old patterns that keep you locked in failed relationships. 

Divine love is about becoming the best expression of who you are- becoming the centre of your world, allowing someone else to join you who has done the same work.

These relationships are precious gifts, reconnecting you with souls whom you have shared many lifetimes of love with. You'll know if your in one!

Focused healing for the heart space, masculine/feminine energy balancing, personal/ancestral relationship pattern healing, personal power and healthy self expression plus kundalini/tantra work amongst other things.



We are blessed in the UK with an abundance of Sacred sites. Areas of land deeply rooted in the spiritual and cultural fabric of the nation. 

Visits to these areas can have a dramatic healing effect, particularly as part of a healing ceremony. 

Avebury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury are popular examples. There are also lesser known sites.

A bespoke visit to one or more sites can be designed around your aims, budget and taking into account astrological  influences.

Please get touch to find out more.




"I feel this to be a truly magical breakthrough, a pioneering work, a much needed change we were all quietly hoping for. A Man holding a Healing Retreat for Women."



Most appointments are conducted via email and Skype/Facetime according to client wishes. Telephone calls are possible within the UK. 

I am based about 1hr from London. Appointments can be face to face if you are local. Please email me for details.

I hold an enhanced DBS certificate allowing me to work with children and vulnerable adults.


One hour sessions are £75, two hour sessions are £130 and three hour sessions are £190. Full day sessions are available. I do also offer concessions and payment plans . Please get in touch.

Prices reflect between 3-5hrs of energetic work before/after the actual appointment time, plus email support after.


Short answer, Yes!

Quantum physics tells us that two objects that are not connected can affect each other. Spiritual laws allow energy to be directed remotely to facilitate the healing work. Even sound healing can be sent remotely.

Some of the best results are achieved working when the client is asleep and the rational mind is not interfering. We can discuss options before the treatment.


Follow the links below, selecting the type of session that you would like. In reality, there is often an overlap, so just select the most relevant and we can discuss all the issues before and during the session.

The sessions are priced to reflect the deep work and intensity of both time and energy. The vast majority of clients only require one session.

Once booked, we can then set up a mutually convenient time to connect on video chat or decide to conduct the work entirely by email.

If you have any questions before booking, please feel free to email me.



Details on past retreats for information and inspiration.



Devoted father. Recovering spiritual skeptic. Military veteran. Doctor. Motivational speaker. Published photographer. Cat lover. Feels most at home in the outdoors.



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