This one day ceremony is a safe space for men wanting to go deeper into their Sacred Masculine Power. Power is a word, particularly in relation to Masculinity that has become distorted and misused. True Masculine power is about presence that comes from the heart and used for the good of the individual and the collective. This ceremony is about looking at ways in which we are out of alignment with our true self, as well as creating a healing intent for our work to positively influence the collective Masculine energies. 

Our unconscious conditioning into Masculinity is strongly influenced by parenting role models, teachers, societal ideologies, as well as the ancestral stories that we carry. Relationships, particularly first loves, also have deep impacts on our ideas around Masculinity. It is vital to tease out what is your own story and what is projected onto you as an "expected" behaviour.

Community ceremonies offer a powerful space for people look at their old stories and decide to write new ones. The journey from victimhood to Storyteller. We will sit together in a physical and energetic circle supporting each other until the work is complete. These moments of profound personal change ripple through the world around us- we never just heal ourselves. 

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • The difference between gender stereotypes and spiritual concepts of the yin/yang.

  • Archetypal expressions of the Masculine such as the Warrior, the Magician, the Lover and the Fool.

  • How harnessing your Divine Masculine requires being connected to your own inner Feminine energy.

  • How to self-nurture and take care of your inner child's emotional needs.

  • The masculine wounds around kundalini and sexual energy.

  • How to positively use your Masculine presence to help others heal.

Some of the tools we will use include:

  • Guided meditation.

  • Sound healing.

  • Shamanic Journeying.

  • Plant medicine work with Hapé. This is a traditional Amazonian medicine made from tobacco and other herbs. It is introduced into the nostril by the facilitator. Tobacco is a powerful Masculine Teacher plant, wonderful for offering wisdom beyond the rational mind. It is a safe, legal and non-hallucinogenic medicine.

  • Past life regression.

  • Group work.

What you'll need:

  • Yoga Mat or towel/pillow/blanket/extra layers. We will be sitting and laying for long periods of time so dress comfortably.

  • Optional eye mask or scarf to cover eyes during journeying.

  • A light snack and water. 


Space is limited to just 30 people. Tickets are £60 per person.

The venue and travel arrangements:

Columbia Hotel has been used for healing events since the 60's. We will be in the Windsor Suite. The hotel is located between Lancaster Gate and Queensbury Tube Stations.

Ceremony Facilitator:

Your ceremony facilitator is Dr Aki Lalani. Aki is trained in both conventional medicine and wide variety of healing modalities (several Reiki types, sound healing, Shamanic healing, crystals, tarot, meditation, plant medicine work). His spiritual awakening and transition from total skeptic, was triggered by having PTSD from serving as a front line doctor in Afghanistan during his time in the British Army. Aki lives just outside London, UK and has an international client base. He runs a wide variety of ceremonies and healing spaces both in the UK and overseas.

Sacred Masculine Rising
Apr 19, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Columbia Hotel,
95-99 Lancaster Gate, Bayswater, London W2 3NS, UK

"If you want a guide for delving into your subconscious and removing blocks and creating alignment, there are none better than Aki."

"You provided a safe and nurturing space to explore and share our most intimate stories. 

Your style: easy going, open, accepting, respectful, totally supportive and non-judgemental, full of compassion, committed to helping. 

I felt uplifted and inspired, hopeful, validated."

"An experience that has forever changed my being. I have so much gratitude for the Universe guiding me to Aki."

 “You held the space with so much humility, flexibility and strength! Created a space where people could take care of their own needs. You have such a calm, soothing, gentle, tender way of being and yet with strength and power."



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