A four day healing journey into your Divine Feminine Essence. Reconnect with yourself in a magical island retreat centre. This is a SAFE SPACE to go deep into your wounds, your vulnerability, your guilt, your shame, your fears, your anger, your suppressed voices. It is a SAFE SPACE to be with your old self, unapologetically until the new self emerges. 

Building upon the enormous success of last years' Ceremony of the Sacred Heart in the US, and I am delighted to bring this work to Canada. It was such a profoundly humbling experience offering a safe space to women who were ready to experience this level of vulnerability with the Masculine. My sincere wish is to continue this body of work. As I wrote last time: The Feminine are the Mothers and Grandmothers of the future Earth.

Society is rather disconnected from its Feminine energy. It's all about the doing rather than the being. A lot of that energy is in an old state, focusing on power rather than love. With men in particular being disconnected from their Feminine energy, it forces women to follow suit. This ceremony space is about giving women a space to become deeper embodiments of the Divine Feminine Essence which is already within them.

The Sacred Heart is a high energy chakra located outside the traditionally taught seven chakra setup, connecting us to Divine love and we will be working with this during the retreat. It gives us the capacity for extraordinary levels of compassion and love.​

After that re-awakening of the Divine Feminine Essence within the group, we will create a healing space for the collective Masculine wound. How that takes place will be up to you, the participants.  

Some key objectives include:

  • Healing the wounds around the Masculine, allowing deeper embodiment of the Feminine.

  • Healing the womb space and clearing sexual energy of past connections, as well as ancestral patterns.

  • Reconnecting with the kundalini energy and also reconnecting the sacral energies with the heart energies. These become disconnected through unconscious sexual practices.

  • Understanding and overcoming the process of heart wounding.

  • Tending to the Inner Child.

  • Shadow Self Work.

  • Releasing ancestral patterns around love, personal power and sexual energy.

  • Remembering how to connect to others via the Heart space (rather than other wounds).

  • Activating the Sacred Heart and integrating it into our own heart space.

  • Meeting your spirit guides and teachers as well as ancestors. Deepen your communication with Spirit.

  • Releasing old emotional toxins stored in the cellular matrix and holographic form, allowing you to become a deeper embodiment of Universal love.

Some of the tools we will use include:​

  • Intensive work with Cacoa, a time honored plant medicine grown by Shamans in Peru for ceremony work. Raw, 100% pure chocolate drunk as a tea. Its superpower is heart opening and deep emotional resolution.

  • Nighttime work with Mugwort Tea, a wonderful plant medicine for deepening spiritual experience in the sleep state. She has a compassionate feminine vibration bringing you into deeper states of receptivity.

  • A Shamanic "dismemberment" ceremony- a powerful internal process using a trance state for facilitating ego death and personal transformation.

  • Drumming and journey work and learning to journey, including working with power animals and spirit guides.

  • Guided Meditation, Kundalini activation and dance.

  • Past life regression.

  • Breath work.

  • Guided energy work in nature.

  • Learning to create a ceremonial space.

What's included in the $595 CAD: 

  • All meals (Thursday lunch to Sunday lunch). All food is vegetarian and locally sourced/prepared.

  • Accommodation (based on shared occupancy in log cabins and heated tipis).

  • All plant medicines.

What you'll need:

  • All personal items required - there are no shops in the immediate vicinity.

  • Rain jacket and WARM clothing- we will be outdoors a lot.

  • Sturdy shoes/boots for hiking.

  • Towel

  • Yoga Mat/pillow/blanket/blindfold or scarf

  • Water bottle and snacks.

  • Flashlight.

  • Journal/pen.

  • Healing tools such as crystals.

The venue and travel arrangements:

Xenia on Bowen Island is the creative vision of a young widow who was guided to birth a retreat centre for community healing in 1994. It has become established as one of the leading retreat centres in the Vancouver area.

Nestled on Bowen island, just a short transfer time from downtown Vancouver, Xenia is an eclectic group of buildings from cabins, traditional buildings to yurts. At the heart of the space is a circular ceremony room, surrounded by unspoilt nature, including 1000 year old trees. In addition there is a meditation sanctuary and labyrinth for personal contemplation. Please see the photos below.

One thing is for sure, you won't want to leave! It is possible to stay an extra night after the retreat at the cost of $60 per person. 

Retreat Facilitator:

Your retreat facilitator is Dr Aki Lalani. Aki is trained in both conventional medicine and wide variety of healing modalities (several Reiki types, sound healing, Shamanic healing, crystals, tarot, meditation, plant medicine work). His spiritual awakening and transition from total skeptic, was triggered by having PTSD from serving as a front line doctor in Afghanistan during his time in the British Army. He lives just outside London, UK and has an international client base. He runs a wide variety of ceremonies and healing spaces both in the UK and overseas.


"I feel this to be a truly magical breakthrough, a pioneering work, a much needed change we were all quietly hoping for. A Man holding a Healing Retreat for Women."

"If you want a guide for delving into your subconscious and removing blocks and creating alignment, there are none better than Aki."

"An experience that has forever changed my being. I have so much gratitude for the Universe guiding me to Aki."

"You provided a safe and nurturing space to explore and share our most intimate stories. 

The programme was varied and imaginative, with gentle yet challenging ways to uncover and work with the deep patterns that are blocking our progress. 

Your style: easy going, open, accepting, respectful, totally supportive and non-judgemental, full of compassion, committed to helping. 

I felt uplifted and inspired, hopeful, validated. 

It was also a great deal of fun! Thank you so much."



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