Soul Guidance

Soul Guidance

What is your life path? What should I do next? I'm stuck. I have all these pieces, I don't know what to do with them.

This spiritual life coaching is a two-fold service. Firstly, using intuitive guidance and tarot/oracle cards, we will look at the information trying to reach you from your own Soul guidance. This is not a prediction service; the focus is on moving forward and the information you need to attain this in the highest timeline.


Secondly, we will do some healing work together looking at energetic patterns, belief systems and mindsets that may be holding you back. I will also give you some tools to take away to help your plans come to fruition.

I also work with other healers, helping them bring out their own natural talents and offer business coaching advice.

As a father to a gifted and highly aware child, I am happy to offer support to parents in similar situations and also with the child directly.

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