Manifestation and Abundance

Manifestation and Abundance

The secret to more abundance is not working harder, but being open to receive more. Your energetic heart space and mindset determine success. If you are afraid of spending, you won't create the flow needed to receive. If you are stuck in a survival mindset, you can't simultaneously be in an abundance mindset.

This service is aimed at people looking to increase the flow of good things into their life. Remember the belief of being everything you wish to be already. We will work together to remove anything blocking you from the abundance flow that you desire.

The flow of one's creative energy is also tied in part to their kundalini. We can work to help safely increase the flow of your kundalini using healing and breathing techniques to help restore lost creative flow.

Everything contains energy, including land and buildings. Imagine that your company operates in a building where lots of businesses have failed. That imprint will affect your company. Therefore the work that we do will including optimising the energetic space in which you work.

This work can be undertaken as a one off session or as part of a wider aim of aligning your business with your soul plan.

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