11am 7th Nov - 5pm 10th Nov
ARC Retreat Centre, Stanchfield MN.


An invitation to a four day retreat, exclusively for women wanting to reclaim their VOICE and their POWER. This is a safe space to unpack personal and ancestral wounds, enter a space of total vulnerability and emerge transformed. Reconnect with your inner wisdom and discover your unique Soul gifts. All inclusive accommodation in a traditional Lodge building, set within 90 acres of pristine wetland and white pine forest. For those women that cannot join us, there is the option to connect into the energy via distance.

There are some incredible womens' circles holding space for women and that is as it should be. My soul feels called to offer this space to women who are ready to experience this level of vulnerability with the Masculine.

Beyond the physical gender though, for the progression into Soul embodiment (some call this Ascension), we must strive to balance our inner Masculine and Feminine essence. Part of this comes from dealing with karmic baggage from past lives as both men and women. The awakening of the Collective consciousness will come through the rise of the Divine Feminine essence (in both men and women) and the dissolution of old constructs such as patriarchy.

For the women that cannot join in person, there is the option to connect in with the healing space by distance. There is nothing that you need to do, except intend to be part of the experience. As the spaceholder, I will ensure that each woman receives the transmissions that they need. After the event, anyone participating by distance, can email with any questions, concerns or ask for an oracle card reading if they wish. The distance option on the last Retreat was popular and women from five countries connected in.

Some key objectives include:

  • Understanding the concepts around personal power. What is it? How we give it away? How to claim it back? How we develop it? Using personal power to WRITE NEW STORIES.

  • Clearing away toxic connections and relationships. Healing from abuse, narcissistic relationships and other patterns of control/manipulation.

  • A chance to clear your throat of all the suppressed emotions and release the fears around expression. Finally be heard! Learning to use the voice for manifestation and creation.

  • Healing the wounded Masculine to allow healthier relationships with men. Having a healthy Masculine energy is also needed for balanced Feminine power- Goddess Energy.

  • Releasing ancestral patterns around love, personal power and sexual energy.

  • Integration of Masculine and Feminine energies, and step into Soul Power. 

  • Tending to the Inner Child.

  • Shadow Self Work.

  • Deepen communication with Spirit. Learning to use plant medicines safely and effectively. 

  • Releasing old emotional toxins stored in the cellular matrix and holographic form, allowing you to become a deeper embodiment of Universal love.

  • Activation of personal Ascension templates.

  • Connect with spirit guides such as angels, power animals and dragons.

Some of our activities will include:

  • Writing new Soul Contracts.

  • Plant medicine ceremonies, including Cacao, Mugwort and Hapé. Cacao is raw Peruvian chocolate, grown by Shamans for healing ceremony. It is an exceptional heart opening medicine, and great for processing deep emotional traumas. Mugwort is a herb like tea used for dream state work and connecting in more with the Divine Feminine energy. Hapé is a very powerful tobacco-based plant medicine used by shamans for entering altered conscious states. This allows for deep healing work with the subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as to the Superconscious state- the Universal mind which connects all things. There is also the option to work with Mapacho tea, one of the most powerful legal plant medicines.

  • Shamanic Journey work.

  • Guided meditation and astral travel.

  • Womb healing work and Kundalini activation

  • Mindful movement.

  • Sound Healing.

  • Mantra work, chanting, breath work.

  • Fire ceremonies and work in nature.

  • A Shamanic "dismemberment" ceremony- a powerful internal process using a trance state for facilitating ego death and personal transformation.

  • A Rebirth ceremony, moving from the old to the new.

  • With an overall focus on self-empowerment, you will leave with tools to continue this work on your own.


  • $555 for single occupancy  (shared bathrooms).

  • $444 for shared occupancy (shared bathrooms).

  • $33 for Etheric (distance) Retreat.

  • 10% Discount for ticket purchase before 20th October - use discount code "EARLYBIRD" at checkout.

  • Tickets are available via the "Buy Tickets" button below.

What's included:

  • 3 nights accommodation.

  • All main meals.

  • Towels + Linen.

  • All plant medicines.

What you'll need:

  • All personal items required - there are no shops in the immediate vicinity.

  • Personal snacks and water bottle.

  • Cold/wet weather gear and boots for light hiking/energy work in nature.

  • Flashlight/headtorch.

  • Clothing for healing work should be comfortable and layered. It quite possible to experience extreme heat and cold when processing energetic shifts.

  • Yoga Mat/pillow/blanket/blindfold or scarf.

  • Journal/pen.

  • Any crystals or healing tools you wish to empower during the retreat.

Retreat venue and travel arrangements:

The ARC Retreat Community is a purpose-built complex on sacred land, just an hour north of Minneapolis. The aim of the center is to facilitate spiritual enquiry and creative development. That is certainly reflected in the peace of the surroundings. All meals are prepared on site with locally sourced organic ingredients. Please email and advise of any dietary requirements. 

Minneapolis-St Paul's (MSP) Airport is 90 minutes by car and is well serviced with domestic and international flights.

For those travelling from further afield, accommodation before/after the retreat can be found in North Branch or Cambridge.


ARC in Winter


"I feel this to be a truly magical breakthrough, a pioneering work, a much needed change we were all quietly hoping for. A Man holding a Healing Retreat for Women."


"Uplifting, safe, experiential, heart-warming and heart-opening would be a start. Aki made it such a safe space to be open and vulnerable that it was impossible not to get the absolute most out of the offerings. 

The thing I probably loved best, besides connecting with the beautiful people I was on retreat with, was the experiential nature of the retreat. It was hands on and really forced me out of my comfort zone and into a space where I could grow as a person. It was also based on finding your own answers. Aki doesn’t pretend to fix you or to tell you your next steps; he creates opportunities for you to explore all the possibilities available to you spiritually, energetically, emotionally and put the puzzle pieces together for yourself so when you leave, you have the skills to build on this and continue the work on your own.

In terms of the plant medicine offerings, Aki respects the medicines and makes sure to approach the ceremonies with grace and presence. He also respects that each person may have their own boundaries with taking plant medicines so nothing is mandatory and the offerings are provided with information and knowledge so you can make your own decision about what is right for you. Because of this, it was easy to feel comfortable accepting the medicines and working with them in a respectful and intuitive way.

I would highly recommend Aki’s teachings to anyone who is thinking of participating in a retreat or workshop. You will leave feeling renewed, empowered and full of gratitude!"




Your retreat facilitator is Dr Aki Lalani. Aki is trained in both conventional medicine and wide variety of healing modalities (several Reiki types, sound healing, Shamanic healing, crystals, tarot, meditation, plant medicine work).

His spiritual awakening and transition from total skeptic, was triggered by having PTSD from serving as a front line doctor in Afghanistan during his time in the British Army.

He lives just outside London, UK and has an international client base. He runs a wide variety of ceremonies and healing spaces both in the UK and overseas, almost exclusively with women.



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